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St. Jude Catholic Church partners with Flocknote; a communication service created by Catholics for Catholic Parishes. Stay connected to our parish by receiving emails or texts from us.

Ultimately the goal of our Parish Flocknote is to help keep you informed of what is happening at the parish and to help you grow in your faith. So here is what can you expect to receive from our Parish Flocknotes:

  • Weekend Newsletter Email– Similar to our parish bulletin including some of what is happening at the parish
  • Funeral Notifications- We want you to know when someone in our community has passed on so you can pray for them and maybe attend the funeral
  • Mid-Week Newsletter: Some weeks a lot more is going on in the parish as so we might send an extra email on Wednesdays to keep you informed on what’s happening at the parish.
  • Deacon’s Friday Reflections- We are blessed with some great Deacons at our parish and most Friday’s they share with us a reflection.
  • Other: We will also send out information if anything changes due to weather or other circumstances.

You can also sign up to receive notifications through text and email from other groups in our parish (Religious Ed, Youth Ministry, Music, etc…).

Stay Connected

Sign up for Flocknote and help our parish communicate announcements and updates in a way that is efficient for us and convenient for you. To subscribe simply fill out the form below! You can unsubscribe anytime.