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Communion to the Homebound

Being in the hospital or being homebound for an extended period of time can lead all of us to feel cut off from our community and eventually, even from our faith. Even the apostles were sent out in twos, reminding us that our Christian journey can deteriorate when we “go it alone” for too long a time.

If you find yourself in such a situation (hospital, care facility, or simply unable to get out of the house regularly), we can help to provide that connection. Visits from Eucharistic ministers or, on occasion, from one of our clergy can be coordinated as a one-time event or as an ongoing occurrence as needed. Please contact Christine Maschka at 303.756.3083 or if you or someone you know from the parish is in need of a homebound visit.

Does this Ministry Call You?

Age or illness can be factors that isolate us from the larger community. Praying with and sharing communion with the homebound is a way of reconnecting with those who are unable to attend weekend liturgies and remind them that they are not alone and not forgotten.

Call: Share in the life of Christ with those who are isolated and alone.
Gift Desired: A Eucharistic Minister with an open heart
Commitment: Weekly while the need of the individual exists
Opportunity: To learn the story of another

Contact Christine Maschka at 303.756.3083 or


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Christine Maschka

Director of Pastoral Care