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Pastoral Council

The Our Lady of the Plains Pastoral Council exists to help and support our pastor and the members of his staff in the accomplishment of parish objectives.  This board serves as a consultative body, praying for the well being of the parish, helping to identify parish needs and implementing and evaluating pastoral programs.

If you would like to be considered for a position on this board, please send an email to Fr. John Green.

The Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is required in the Archdiocese and serves the pastor in a consultative capacity and exists to help and support the pastor and the members of his staff in the accomplishment of the pastoral objectives. The Parish Pastoral Council consists of at least five parishioners. The pastor appoints and may remove the Pastoral Council members. However, the pastor may only remove members for extraordinary reasons and after consulting with either the dean of the parish deanery and/or the Vicar for Clergy. The members serve for a three-year period and may be named for one additional term; after this time, there is to be at least one year off the council before any member can be re-appointed. The Pastoral Council is presided over by the pastor. Chapter 1 July 1, 2018 The Parish Pastoral Council advises the pastor on developments of pastoral priorities. The Council helps the pastor to identify pastoral needs and to implement and evaluate pastoral programs. The Council assists with encouraging volunteerism and participation by the parishioners in the life and ministry of the Church.

Consultative Organizations to the Pastor

To assist the pastor or parochial administrator in the exercise of his office in the governance of the parish, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Finance Council and, when a parish has Chapter 1 July 1, 2018, a school, the School Advisory Council (collectively, the Councils) have been established. The pastor is not a member of these consultative organizations, but presides over them and carefully evaluates the consultation and advice given. These consultative Councils do not exercise authority directly or do not mandate any act, as this would undermine the personal authority of the pastor. However, in those circumstances, as set forth in 1.3.5. below, members of the Parish Finance Council are required to provide consent. To serve on the Councils, the individual must demonstrate him/herself to be an active participant in the life of the parish. a. Minutes shall be prepared for all formal meetings of the various parochial councils (the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Financial Council, and School Advisory Committee). Based upon an evaluation of need by each council, sub-committees of councils may be required to maintain minutes. The minutes for sub-committee meetings would then be made available to members of the applicable committee. Included in the minutes shall be a list of those attending, including guests, a reference to the notice, location, agenda items, key concerns, questions, and a summary of the important discussions. Motions shall be stated, with the indication of the manner and outcome of any votes taken. The minutes are to be signed by the secretary of the respective council. b. Confidentiality – Similar to the consultative organizations to the Archbishop, members of the Parish Councils and of any of their subcommittees shall keep confidential all matters of record or reference, whether or not communicated or discussed in the Council meetings or among those serving. Members of the Parish Councils shall take all necessary steps to preserve secular privileges and canon law confidentiality obligations that apply to their work. Trust, sensitivity, and candor shall be observed. All Parish Council members shall speak and act, both during Council meetings and outside of the Council meetings, in a manner supportive of their respective parish.