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Faith & Light

All people are a gift of God and have talents to share. Faith and Light is an international movement that supports people with mental and physical disabilities and their families by connecting them with friends, especially young friends, and providing an opportunity for their unique gifts and talents to be shared and valued. Our Faith and Light community meets on the second Sunday of the month to share a meal, share our lives and to pray together. We also attend 5:30 PM Mass as a group following our meetings. Faith and Light opens up a path of friendship and commitment with persons with disabilities, whereby we discover in the other the presence of the risen Jesus.

Special Invitation to Youth

Young people are very important to Faith and Light. In a special way they allow those with a disability to not feel lonely and isolated. And in return those with a disability can teach so much if we enter into a relationship of friendship with them. They can teach us about loving each other — that we accept people that are different because each person is a child of God and that each person is important.

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COVID-19: During the pandemic in place of our in-person meetings we will meet via Zoom. Please contact Elizabeth to get the Zoom link for our next meeting.